Flea wash for dogs protects Leopold pooches all year

Flea wash for dogs protects Leopold pooches all year

If you want to protect your furry friend from fleas, come to the experts at Leopold’s Paw Pacers. We have specialised flea wash for dogs to keep your pooch happy, clean and healthy all year round.

Fleas are a pesky pest. Flea bites not only cause your dog discomfort, but can become infected if left unchecked, leading to other, nastier problems such as eczema and other skin conditions.

The best defence is protecting your fur baby with regular flea washes. At Paw Pacers, we have top-quality flea wash shampoos and special conditioners, designed to rid your dog’s coat of fleas and prevent new eggs being laid.

No matter the size, breed, shape or fur type, our flea wash is perfectly safe for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin.

A common misconception is that fleas are more of a summer problem – but it’s important to manage your dog’s fleas year round. Good management of fleas throughout the winter months helps ensure your pooch stays happy and healthy, and reduces the risk of a serious flea infestation come summertime.

While there are many so-called home remedies for fleas, the best protection is bringing your pooch into Paw Pacers. Our experienced team can recommend the best flea wash for dogs across Leopold and the surrounding areas.

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