Treat your pooch to a heated dog hydrobath in Leopold

Treat your pooch to a heated dog hydrobath in Leopold

So what’s the big deal about heated dog hydrobaths?

At Paw Pacers in Leopold, we aim to treat your pooch to the best experience. All our dogs leave our salon feeling and looking clean, happy and healthy, thanks to our heated dog hydrobath.

If, like many pet parents, you find washing your furry friend can be a nightmare – both for you and your dog – let our experienced team take care of it for you! We’re specially equipped with the latest heated dog hydrobath technology to deliver a thorough, comfortable clean for your dog without the stress.

Our heated dog hydrobaths combine the benefits of warm, fresh water with specially selected treatments and solutions to bring out the best in your dog’s skin and coat.

Using warm water at a specified pressure delivers a close clean that penetrates through even the thickest fur, while also providing a soothing, comfortable massage for the skin.

The experienced team at Paw Pacers can recommend the best solutions for your pooch, ranging from flea treatments to special shampoos and conditioners.

And don’t worry if your dog is a bit sensitive – Paw Pacers’ heated dog hydrobaths are appropriate and safe for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and fur types, including sensitive skin types.

We know how much your pooch will love their warm hydrobath, so we include it as part of all of our grooming packages, starting with a towel dry and bath from just $15.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have, so please contact us for more information or to book your dog hydrobath at our Leopold salon.