Importance Of Winter Dog Grooming

Importance Of Winter Dog Grooming

Follow Our winter grooming tips from our local Leopold dog groomer. Its easy to forget our winter dog grooming.

There’s a common misconception that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally over the winter months. People feel dogs don’t get dirty enough to warrant bathing but this is simply not true in fact grooming over the winter months it is more important to the health of your dog. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and miserable dog.

There are four simple grooming tips to follow and combat winter to ensure that your dog stays comfortable, dry and healthy.

1. Grooming dogs paws and pads

During the cooler months your dogs can cause damage to there paws during the muddy, cold conditions. Try to keep there paws dry and check the hair between them and keep neatly trimmed as their is a chance the mud under the paws can get stuck and cause discomfort.

2. Maintaining dog’s winter coat

Dogs will get a thicker coat over the winter months. The thickness of the coat will determine the time you need to put into grooming. All dogs including short coats need to be brushed and combed regularly which will help avoid matting, and make your job easier. Breeds like golden retrievers and border collies also need to be brushed as they have an undercoat and should pay special attention through the entire year. A build up of wet, and dirty coat can trap bacteria which untreated can cause skin irritations. Your local pet groomer will be able to help out.

3. Washing dogs in winter

You can wash your dog’s in winter but make sure you dry them so they don’t get cold. It’s good to wash them in a warm heated  hydrobath at your local grooming salon

Our grooming salon offers a range of sensitive and medicated shampoos. This will help protect your dogs coat.

4. Winter dog jumpers

If your dog has a short coat winter jumpers and jackets are great. If you have a dog that grows longer hair and has a jumper on overnight please make sure you brush the dog everyday. As the coat grows without regular brushing can become matted. As the jumper rubs on the coat which can cause lots of knots if not brushed and can cause your dog discomfort. If you have trouble brushing book your dog in with our specialized groomer that will be able to maintain your dog all year round.


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