About our dog groomers in Leopold


Paw Pacers provides professional and personalised dog grooming services in our Leopold salon, servicing the Bellarine Peninsula from Moolap and Newcomb to Ocean Grove and Portarlington.

Led by Michelle Callanan, our team of experienced dog groomers deals with quality one-on-one service for you and your beloved pet. We pride ourselves on delivering personal service at its best.

Michelle loves her job and all the dogs she works with, treating each dog as if it were her own. From special dog cakes and healthy dog treats to dog hydrobaths, Michelle and her team provide hands-on care for all your pooch’s needs.

Please contact us to book or for more information about our dog grooming services and products.

Dog washing service

Our dog washing service includes a special heated hydrobath and treatment solutions to keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and healthy. We offer everything from a quick tidy up to a fullgroom including shampoo and conditioner, blow drying, full clip, nail trimming and cologne.

Talk to our team about your dog’s needs. We are always happy to offer our advice and recommendations about the best dog flea wash treatments and special solutions to keep your pooch feeling happy, clean and healthy.

Dog anal glands emptying

Anal sac expression can be a nasty business – for both pets and their parents. If you notice your dog dragging their bottom along the ground or licking and chewing around their behind, bring them in to Paw Pacers for caring, safe and effective anal glands emptying.

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