SEO Friendly Title: Dog groomers in Leopold and the Bellarine Peninsula

If you’re looking for a dog washing service that treats your pooch as if it was their own, give the team at Paw Pacers a call.

We love all dogs great and small and take pride in providing personalised, caring and professional dog grooming services for dogs in the Bellarine Peninsula area, from Leopold, Newcomb and Moolap to Curlewis, Drysdale, Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove and Portarlington. (more…)


SEO Friendly Title: Dog grooming services in Leopold and the Bellarine Peninsula

Dog groomers for Newcomb, Moolap, Curlewis, Point Lonsdale, Drysdale, Ocean Grove and Portarlington

At Paw Pacers, we provide professional, personalised dog grooming services in our Leopold salon. We are dedicated to provide hands-on care with your furchild and will leave your pet feeling healthy, happy and clean. From start to finish we will treat your furkid like our own and pamper your pet the way they deserve.

If you want your dog looking super clean and cute, come and visit Paw Pacers. With dog grooming prices starting from just $5, our team will have your pooch looking their best without breaking the bank.

Dog clipping and grooming

Our dog grooming covers everything your pooch needs to look and feel their best, from washing and blow drying to ear cleaning, sanitary trims, de-matting and cologne.

We have a range of dog wash and grooming packages available to suit all dog sizes, breeds and budgets.

Dog hydrobath and dog washing service

Our heated hydrobath for dogs is specially designed for a thorough overall clean, penetrating your dog’s coat and delivering a comfortable massage to the skin. We combine warm water with optimum pressure and treatment solutions to produce the best results for your dog’s skin and coat.

Flea wash for dogs

Keep your pooch protected from fleas year-round with regular dog flea wash treatments at our Leopold salon. We have a selection of special solutions to rid your dog of fleas and prevent new eggs being laid.

Nail trimming and anal glands emptying

Let our caring team handle your dog nail clipping and anal sac expression. These things can be stressful for both owners and dogs, and it’s best to let a trained professional handle the treatment – ensuring your pooch stays relaxed and leaves our salon feeling happy and healthy.


SEO Friendly Title: Leopold dog groomers price list

At Paw Pacers we provide everything your pooch needs to have them looking clean and healthy year-round. Our Leopold dog groomers specialise in all types of dog washing and grooming, from nail clipping to flea treatments.

Pet parents can relax in the knowledge your pooch is in the best hands, with prices starting from just $10 for basic treatments.

Dog grooming services pricing

Washing Services

Small Wash – short coat

Small Wash – long coat

Medium Wash – short coat

Medium Wash – long coat

Large Wash – short coat

Large Wash – long coat

Extra Large Wash – short coat

Extra Large  Wash – long coat










Mini Groom

Small – short coat

Small – long coat

Medium – short coat

Medium – long coat

Large – short coat

Large – long coat

Extra Large – short coat

Extra Large – long coat

Includes a warm hydrobath, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, face and hygiene trim, nail trim and cologne. No Length off body.










Groom out

Includes a warm hydrobath, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, trim nails, de-shed brush out and hygiene area, plus cologne.


Please note pricing and duration is a guide only. Extra charges will apply for matting.


$65 per hour (up to 3 hours max)


Small – short clip

Small – long clip

Small – breed clip

2 x Small – full clip

Medium – short clip

Medium – long clip

Medium – breed clip

Large – short clip

Large – long clip

Large – breed clip

Extra Large – short clip

Extra Large – long clip

Extra Large – breed clip

Includes a warm hydrobath, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, full clip, nail trim and cologne.















Pickup and Dropoff Prices


Barwon Heads

Ocean Grove




St Albans Park


East Geelong















Day stay

Nail clipping

Annual gland expression

Face trim

Poodle feet

Poodle face & feet

Ear cleaning

Difficult dogs

Medicated shampoo wash

Flea shampoo wash









$20 per hour




SEO Friendly Title: Dog grooming news for Leopold & the Bellarine Peninsula

As caring professionals, the team of dog groomers at Leopold’s Paw Pacers salon is happy to share our expertise when it comes to looking after your pooch. From advice about dog washing, nail clipping and dog anal glands to the benefits of dog hydrobaths, we know how to keep your dog looking clean and feeling happy and healthy.


SEO Friendly Title: About our dog groomers in Leopold

Paw Pacers provides professional and personalised dog grooming services in our Leopold salon, servicing the Bellarine Peninsula from Moolap and Newcomb to Ocean Grove and Portarlington.

Led by Michelle Callanan, our team of experienced dog groomers deals with quality one-on-one service for you and your beloved pet. We pride ourselves on delivering personal service at its best.

Michelle loves her job and all the dogs she works with, treating each dog as if it were her own. From special dog cakes and healthy dog treats to dog hydrobaths, Michelle and her team provide hands-on care for all your pooch’s needs.

Please contact us to book or for more information about our dog grooming services and products.

Dog washing service

Our dog washing service includes a special heated hydrobath and treatment solutions to keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and healthy. We offer everything from a quick tidy up to a fullgroom including shampoo and conditioner, blow drying, full clip, nail trimming and cologne.

Talk to our team about your dog’s needs. We are always happy to offer our advice and recommendations about the best dog flea wash treatments and special solutions to keep your pooch feeling happy, clean and healthy.

Dog anal glands emptying

Anal sac expression can be a nasty business – for both pets and their parents. If you notice your dog dragging their bottom along the ground or licking and chewing around their behind, bring them in to Paw Pacers for caring, safe and effective anal glands emptying.


SEO Friendly Title: Contact dog groomers in Leopold

For personalised and caring dog wash and grooming services in Leopold and throughout the Bellarine Peninsula, call the friendly team at Paw Pacers.

Our Leopold dog grooming salon takes the greatest care of your furry friend, treating every pooch as if they were our own. We provide everything your dog needs, ranging from nail clipping and anal sac expression to flea wash treatment and a variety of dog wash packages.

Please take a look at our dog grooming prices online, and contact us to book your pooch’s appointment.

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Services: Clipping & Grooming

SEO Friendly Title: Leopold dog grooming and clipping service

Dog groomers for Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Point Lonsdale, Newcomb and the Bellarine Peninsula

Paw Pacers’ dog grooming will have your pooch as happy as Larry. Our Leopold dog wash salon offers everything your furry friend needs to look and feel their best.

Our dog grooming services cover all your dog’s needs, whatever the size or breed, including washing, hydrobath, blow dry, ear clean, nail trimming, sanitary trims and cologne.

Paw Pacers also offer extra services such as dog flea wash treatment, colouring tails and ears and much more.

From start to finish, we will treat your pooch like our own so they feel comfortable, safe and happy.

Dog wash and grooming services

We have a wide range of specialist dog grooming packages to suit your pooch, ranging from a basic tidy up to full grooms and beauty spa baths. And don’t worry if your dog’s fur is matted – we can take care of that too, and have your pooch looking and feeling like new in no time.

Heated hydrobath for dogs

If your pooch doesn’t like baths at home, don’t stress! Our heated hydrobath for dogs combines soothing warm water and special treatment solutions to deliver the best results for your dogs skin and coat.

Heated dog hydrobaths are specially designed to produce the right water pressure to penetrate through even the thickest coat, while also delivering a comfortable massage to the skin.

Take a look at our dog grooming price list and contact us or drop into our Leopold dog grooming salon to pamper your pooch.

Services: Flea Treatments

SEO Friendly Title: Dog flea wash treatments in Leopold and the Bellarine Peninsula

At Paw Pacers, we’ve helped dogs from all over the Bellarine Peninsula with our specialised dog flea wash treatments. Based in Leopold, our salon has looked after dogs from Moolap, Curlewis, Portarlington, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale, Newcomb and Drysdale.

Flea wash for dogs

Starting at just $10, our dog flea wash treatment protects your pooch from pesky fleas. We have special flea rinse shampoos and conditioners to rid your dog of fleas and prevent any new eggs being laid.

Year-round flea treatments are super-important for your dog. If left unchecked, flea bites can lead to a variety of other, more serious problems, including infection and nasty skin conditions like eczema.

We recommend bringing your fur baby in for regular flea washes to keep fleas away. We can also take care of all your dog grooming services while your pooch is with us, including dog clipping and anal glands emptying.

Services: Nails & More

SEO Friendly Title: Leopold dog nail clipping & anal sac expression

Bring your pooch into our Leopold dog groomers for all-over care. From dog nail trimming to anal glands emptying, we have the expertise to have your dog feeling back to their best in no time at all.

At Paw Pacers, we treat your dog like our own, which is why we have parents bringing their pooches to us from as far as Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Portarlington and across the Bellarine Peninsula.

Dog nail clipping

Nail trimming is a standard part of many of our dog grooming services, including our beauty spa bath, groom out and fullgroom. We also offer nail trimming as a standalone tidy up if your pooch needs it, starting at just $10.

Dog nail trimming is an important part of your dog’s grooming. Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain by pushing back into the nail bed and even lead to postural issues and arthritis.

If you find it stressful clipping your dog’s nails, simply bring them into our Leopold dog groomers and we’ll take care of everything, keeping your dog happy, safe and comfortable.

Dog anal glands emptying

The sacs in your dog’s anal glands carry some smelly fluid and are usually emptied when your dog poops. However, sometimes our furry friends need a bit of help with anal sac expression.

If you notice your fur baby dragging their behind along the ground, or excessively licking or chewing around their tail area, it might be a sign of a fluid build-up.

Emptying your dog’s anal glands is a delicate process – and getting it wrong can lead to ongoing issues and a lot of pain, so it’s best to leave it to the team of professionals at Paw Pacers.

We can also provide effective dog flea wash treatment in Leopold. Please take a look at our dog grooming price list online and contact us to book your fur baby an appointment with our caring team.


Importance Of Winter Dog Grooming

Follow Our winter grooming tips from our local Leopold dog groomer. Its easy to forget our winter dog grooming.

There’s a common misconception that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally over the winter months. People feel dogs don’t get dirty enough to warrant bathing but this is simply not true in fact grooming over the winter months it is more important to the health of your dog. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and miserable dog.

There are four simple grooming tips to follow and combat winter to ensure that your dog stays comfortable, dry and healthy.

1. Grooming dogs paws and pads

During the cooler months your dogs can cause damage to there paws during the muddy, cold conditions. Try to keep there paws dry and check the hair between them and keep neatly trimmed as their is a chance the mud under the paws can get stuck and cause discomfort.

2. Maintaining dog’s winter coat

Dogs will get a thicker coat over the winter months. The thickness of the coat will determine the time you need to put into grooming. All dogs including short coats need to be brushed and combed regularly which will help avoid matting, and make your job easier. Breeds like golden retrievers and border collies also need to be brushed as they have an undercoat and should pay special attention through the entire year. A build up of wet, and dirty coat can trap bacteria which untreated can cause skin irritations. Your local pet groomer will be able to help out.

3. Washing dogs in winter

You can wash your dog’s in winter but make sure you dry them so they don’t get cold. It’s good to wash them in a warm heated  hydrobath at your local grooming salon

Our grooming salon offers a range of sensitive and medicated shampoos. This will help protect your dogs coat.

4. Winter dog jumpers

If your dog has a short coat winter jumpers and jackets are great. If you have a dog that grows longer hair and has a jumper on overnight please make sure you brush the dog everyday. As the coat grows without regular brushing can become matted. As the jumper rubs on the coat which can cause lots of knots if not brushed and can cause your dog discomfort. If you have trouble brushing book your dog in with our specialized groomer that will be able to maintain your dog all year round.


Feel free to contact us today Paw Pacers

And keep your dog happily groomed this winter


Flea wash for dogs protects Leopold pooches all year

If you want to protect your furry friend from fleas, come to the experts at Leopold’s Paw Pacers. We have specialised flea wash for dogs to keep your pooch happy, clean and healthy all year round.

Fleas are a pesky pest. Flea bites not only cause your dog discomfort, but can become infected if left unchecked, leading to other, nastier problems such as eczema and other skin conditions.

The best defence is protecting your fur baby with regular flea washes. At Paw Pacers, we have top-quality flea wash shampoos and special conditioners, designed to rid your dog’s coat of fleas and prevent new eggs being laid.

No matter the size, breed, shape or fur type, our flea wash is perfectly safe for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin.

A common misconception is that fleas are more of a summer problem – but it’s important to manage your dog’s fleas year round. Good management of fleas throughout the winter months helps ensure your pooch stays happy and healthy, and reduces the risk of a serious flea infestation come summertime.

While there are many so-called home remedies for fleas, the best protection is bringing your pooch into Paw Pacers. Our experienced team can recommend the best flea wash for dogs across Leopold and the surrounding areas.

Please contact us for more information, or drop in to see us.

Treat your pooch to a heated dog hydrobath in Leopold

So what’s the big deal about heated dog hydrobaths?

At Paw Pacers in Leopold, we aim to treat your pooch to the best experience. All our dogs leave our salon feeling and looking clean, happy and healthy, thanks to our heated dog hydrobath.

If, like many pet parents, you find washing your furry friend can be a nightmare – both for you and your dog – let our experienced team take care of it for you! We’re specially equipped with the latest heated dog hydrobath technology to deliver a thorough, comfortable clean for your dog without the stress.

Our heated dog hydrobaths combine the benefits of warm, fresh water with specially selected treatments and solutions to bring out the best in your dog’s skin and coat.

Using warm water at a specified pressure delivers a close clean that penetrates through even the thickest fur, while also providing a soothing, comfortable massage for the skin.

The experienced team at Paw Pacers can recommend the best solutions for your pooch, ranging from flea treatments to special shampoos and conditioners.

And don’t worry if your dog is a bit sensitive – Paw Pacers’ heated dog hydrobaths are appropriate and safe for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and fur types, including sensitive skin types.

We know how much your pooch will love their warm hydrobath, so we include it as part of all of our grooming packages, starting with a towel dry and bath from just $15.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have, so please contact us for more information or to book your dog hydrobath at our Leopold salon.