Leopold dog nail clipping & anal sac expression


Bring your pooch into our Leopold dog groomers for all-over care. From dog nail trimming to anal glands emptying, we have the expertise to have your dog feeling back to their best in no time at all.

At Paw Pacers, we treat your dog like our own, which is why we have parents bringing their pooches to us from as far as Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Portarlington and across the Bellarine Peninsula.

Dog nail clipping

Nail trimming is a standard part of many of our dog grooming services, including our beauty spa bath, groom out and fullgroom. We also offer nail trimming as a standalone tidy up if your pooch needs it, starting at just $10.

Dog nail trimming is an important part of your dog’s grooming. Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain by pushing back into the nail bed and even lead to postural issues and arthritis.

If you find it stressful clipping your dog’s nails, simply bring them into our Leopold dog groomers and we’ll take care of everything, keeping your dog happy, safe and comfortable.

Dog anal glands emptying

The sacs in your dog’s anal glands carry some smelly fluid and are usually emptied when your dog poops. However, sometimes our furry friends need a bit of help with anal sac expression.

If you notice your fur baby dragging their behind along the ground, or excessively licking or chewing around their tail area, it might be a sign of a fluid build-up.

Emptying your dog’s anal glands is a delicate process – and getting it wrong can lead to ongoing issues and a lot of pain, so it’s best to leave it to the team of professionals at Paw Pacers.

We can also provide effective dog flea wash treatment in Leopold. Please take a look at our dog grooming price list online and contact us to book your fur baby an appointment with our caring team.

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